Competency to stand trial: description and initial evaluation of a new computer-assisted assessment tool (CADCOMP).

G. W. Barnard, J. W. Thompson, Jr., W. C. Freeman, L. Robbins, D. Gies and G. C. Hankins,
Bull. Amer. Acad. Psychiatry & the Law 19(4): 367-81, 1991.
The authors describe a Computer-Assisted Determination of Competency to Proceed (CADCOMP), a new instrument that collects data directly from the defendant through an interactive computer program and renders a report covering relevant historical, psychopathological, and legal information. The comprehensive report could be utilized by the clinician to focus the clinician's interview with the defendant on areas requiring further probing, thus reducing the time required to assess competency. Preliminary reliability and validity assessment studies are reported. The results support the predictive validity of CADCOMP used as a screening instrument and found the CADCOMP to be sufficiently reliable to be used for screening purposes.