AAPL Membership


AAPL membership will provide access to a range of material, service, and other membership benefits:

  • The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, published quarterly, contains scholarly articles dealing with the theory and practice of forensic psychiatry and related fields.
  • The AAPL Newsletter contains a rich selection of articles, reviews of recent legal-psychiatric cases, an update on key legislative issues, summaries of major forensic psychiatry conferences, and bibliographies of current readings in forensic psychiatry.
  • The AAPL Web site will provide a link to your personal Web page.
  • AAPL's annual meeting offers up to 25 continuing medical education credits to participants.
  • The AAPL Learning Resource Center provides members with teaching materials such as audio-and videotapes and course outlines.
  • Regional AAPL chapters have been formed to serve the needs of local members and to sponsor local educational activities.
  • The AAPL Educational Endowment Fund supports several activities, including travel expenses for Rappeport Fellow (PGY-4 Psychiatry residents) to attend AAPL meetings.
  • AAPL has been instrumental in obtaining approval from the American Psychiatric Association for recognition of forensic psychiatry and a subspeciality.

Qualifications for AAPL Membership

Psychiatrists who have an interest in psychiatry and the law and are members of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, or an APA equivalent Canadian or foreign organization may join AAPL. Residents are welcome as members-in-training.