AIER - The AAPL Institute for Education and Research

The AAPL Institute for Education and Research was founded in 2004 to:

  • engage in education and research activities;
  • stimulate and encourage important and creative educational research programs in forensic psychiatry;
  • Train and encourage the trainings of forensic psychiatry educators, researchers and students;
  • Provide educational resources and activities for members; and
  • Promote development of linkages and synergies among forensic education and research programs.

The Institute is supported by donation from the individuals and institutions, including its parent organization, the American Academy of Psychiatry and The Law. Please see downloadable Pledge Form below or contact the AAPL Executive Office for more information.

Submissions are accepted throughout the year, with awardees announced by December of the same year.

Please see downloadable Criteria for Grants below.

Criteria For Grants
For the AIER criteria for grants, click here

Please send your application to office@aapl.org. You may attach a link to Dropbox or Google Drive if the attachments exceed the size limit. Receipt of your submission will be confirmed.

AIER Contributions

To contribute to the AAPL Institute using a credit card, please follow the link below.

Pledge Form

For a downloadable pledge form, click here