AAPL Newsletter

The AAPL Newsletter is published three times per year and sent to all AAPL members. The current AAPL Newsletter editor is Joseph R. Simpson, MD.

A Sampling of Articles

Clinical, legal, moral and epistemological neutrality by J. Douglas Crowder, Criminal Behavior Committee (4/02 )

Frank Bolz Jr.: Hostage Negotiations by Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan MD (1/02 )

2001 Presidential Address by Steven H. Berger MD(1/02 )

Proverb interpretation in forensic evaluations by William H. Campbell MD, MBA and A. Jocelyn Ritchie, JD, PhD (1/02 )

Musing about Mentoring by Larry H. Strasburger MD, President (1/02 )

Joel A. Dvoskin PhD: Knowledge is obligation by John W. Thompson, Jr. MD (1/02 )

Barry Scheck JD: Innocent but convicted by Michael A. Norko MD(1/02 )

Guttmacher Lecture by Rahn K. Bailey MD (9/01 )

AAPL names Rappeport Fellows for 2001-2002 by (9/01 )

AAPL's fine report card by Jeffrey L. Metzner MD, President (9/01)

ADA and trauma related conditions by Stuart B. Kleinman MD and Susan B. Egan JD (9/1 )

AMA adopts new ethics principles by (9/01 )

Capital punishment and the mentally retarded by Paul B. Herbert JD MD and Kathryn A. Young JD (9/01 )

Forensic psychiatry in the Russian criminal justice system by Alexander O. Bukhanovsky MD DSC and Roman Gleyzer MD (9/01 )

Forensic aspects of addiction by Douglas E. Tucker MD and Patricia R. Recupero MD (4/01)

I'll take HIPAA for 500, Alex by Jeffrey L. Metzner MD (4/01)

Royal College of Forensic Psychiatry by James C. Beck MD PhD (4/01)

Treatment and policing by Howard Zonana MD, Medical Director (4/01)

Williamson v. Liptzin appeal by Paul B. Herbert JD, MD (4/01)

Thomas Grisso and Paul Appelbaum present "Frontiers of Decision Making Competence" by Michael A. Norko, MD (9/00 )

"What does DNA stand for, Daddy?" by Thomas G. Gutheil MD, President (9/00 )

A brief history of the Tri-State Chapter of AAPL as recollected by Richard Rosner, MD (4/00 )

Finding a court opinion on the web by Peter Ash, MD (4/00 )

Suicide Risk Assessments by Holly Rogers, MD (4/00 )

Testimony, necromancy and basic distrust by Thomas G. Gutheil, MD (4/00 )

ABPN by Stephen C. Scheiber, MD(1/00 )

1999 Presidential Address: Dr. Faulkner: The survival of forensic psychiatry by Michael A. Norko, MD (1/00)

AMA activities by Howard Zonana, MD (1/00)

AAPL’s Oktoberfest: Academics abroad again by John Young, MD (1/00)

Diminished capacity: Subterfuge or just defense? by Alan R. Felthous, MD (1/00)

International relations and meetings by Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan, MD (1/00)

You are invited to Spain by Daryl Matthews, MD PhD (1/00)

School violence: Quo vadis? by Elin B. Berg, MD PhD(1/00)

Forensic psychotherapy and the public sphere by John L. Young, MD (9/99)

Supreme Court addresses ADA by Howard Zonana, MD (9/99)

Confidentiality in corrections: fact or fiction? by Annette L. Hanson, MD (9/99)

International Congress on Law & Mental Health by Jagannathan Srinivasaraghava, MD (9/99)

AAPL timeline: 1967 - 1986 (9/99)

AMA pursues ethics position: Expert testimony (excerpt) by Howard Zonana, MD (4/99)

A history of justice: origins of law and psychiatry by Walter A. Bordenn, MD (4/99)

Recovered memories of sexual abuse: informed consent by John Cannell, MD (4/99)

Sex, psychiatry, and the law: 24th Annual Conference of Tri-State AAPL by John L. Young, MD (4/99)

1998 Presidential Address by Michael A. Norko, MD (1/ 99)

Drug and alcohol intoxication: mens rea defenses by Robert Weinstock, MD (1/ 99)

Royal College of Psychiatrists by James C. Beck MD, PhD (1/ 99)

Sleep-related violence by Gregory B. Leong, MD and J. Arturo Silva, MD (1/ 99)

Juvenile violence overview: An introduction to the available literature by Dawn Dawson MD and Jack Reiter MD (9/98)

Preparing for the Forensic Psychiatry Board Examination: How to create an effective study plan by Emily Keram, MD (9/98)

AAPL names Rappeport Fellows for 1998-99 (9/98)

Computer voice recognition software an aid to forensic psychiatrists by Stephen G. Noffsinger, MD (9/98)

The landmark cases: How to master them by Philip Merideth, MD JD (1/98)