Rappeport Fellowship

Rappeport Fellowship

The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law is pleased to announce the 36th Annual Rappeport Fellowship competition. Named in honor of AAPL’s founding president, Jonas R. Rappeport, MD, the fellowships offer an opportunity for outstanding residents with interests in psychiatry and the law to develop their knowledge and skills.

Winners must attend the Annual Meeting and Forensic Psychiatry Review Course, in order to win the award, short of extenuating circumstances of which AAPL is notified in advance.

The AAPL meeting will be held at the Chicago Marriott Downtown from October 19-22, 2023. Immediately prior to the Annual Meeting, from October 16-18, Fellows will also attend AAPL's Forensic Psychiatry Review Course, an intensive, comprehensive overview of psychiatry and law. At the Annual Meeting, Fellows are encouraged to attend the many excellent educational sessions, and to meet with AAPL preceptors, who can assist them in exploring interests in psychiatry and the law.

Travel, lodging, and educational expenses are included in the fellowship award, and a per diem will be paid to cover meals and other expenses. In addition, Fellows receive subscriptions to AAPL's major publications, the Newsletter and the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

Residents who are currently PGY-3 in a general program, or PGY-4 in a child or geriatric subspecialty training program and who will begin their final year of training in July 2022, are eligible. Canadian PGY-4 general psychiatry residents and Canadian PGY-5 child residents are eligible. We will accept two nominations from each residency program. Please see enclosed for procedures for nominations. Of particular note, applications must be emailed to the AAPL Executive Office (office@aapl.org) no later than April 1, 2023.


Get your Rappeport Application here.

Applications must include the following:

  1. A letter of nomination from the residency training director outlining the nominee’s overall skills as a psychiatrist, interests in psychiatry and the law, and the reasons to believe that the nominee will make a significant contribution to psychiatry and the law in his or her professional life.
  2. A letter from the psychiatrist most familiar with the nominee’s work in psychiatry and the law, detailing his or her recent activities or responsibilities.
  3. A statement from the nominee discussing the evolution of his or her interests in psychiatry and law, and the steps taken to develop those interests; his or her long-term goals for a career in psychiatry, with particular emphasis on how professional activity in psychiatry and law will be integrated with those goals; and any other information the nominee believes may be useful to the committee.
  4. A current curriculum vitae for the nominee.
  5. Reprints of any papers on a subject of relevance to psychiatry and law that the nominee has had published (or reprints of papers accepted for publication).

Applications, when completed with all the information above, should be emailed to office@aapl.org. Applications and supporting materials must be submitted in a single PDF file.

Applications must be received in the AAPL Executive Office no later than Monday, March 13, 2023.

If you have questions regarding the 2023 Rappeport Fellowship please contact the AAPL Executive Office on: 800-331-1389 or email.