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Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship

Director(s) Michael Chan, MD, FRCPC
Tariq M Hassan, MRCPsych
Address Department of Psychiatry
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario

Zip Code K7L 3N6
Telephone (613) 544 4900
Fax ((613) 540 6113
Email hassant@providencecare.ca
URL http://post.queensu.ca
Program Coordinator and Email
Level PGY-5 or above
Positions 1
Accredited by ACGME No
Annual Stipend $70, 000 Canadian

Program description

The Forensic Fellowship at Queen's University is organized from the Correctional Service of Canada and draws from a variety of institutions and academic programs aimed at providing the Fellow with a broad base of forensic and correctional issues and theoretical knowledge in Forensic Psychiatry.

The fellow will be based at the Ontario Regional Treatment Centre, a 120-bed psychiatric facility for the treatment of federal penitentiary prisoners. Under supervision, at this facility, the Fellow will learn first hand the interface between correctional and health systems and will be involved in the assessment and treatment of individuals serving from 2 years to life and who suffer from serious mental conditions, comorbidities, or correctional pathologies. Part of the time will be spent at the 30-bed Forensic Unit of the PCCC-MHS, a facility for the assessment of fitness to stand trial and criminal responsibility, and treatment of persons found not criminally responsible because of mental disorder. The forensic program at the Hospital has community outreach facilities throughout the area served by the Hospital.

The Fellow will attend a series of forensic seminars at the Department of Psychiatry and will conduct specialized readings on particular areas of Forensic Psychiatry as directed by the Chairperson of the Division at the Department of Psychiatry, Queen's University. On entrance, the Fellow is required to present a plan for a research project to be completed by the end of the Fellowship year.

A multidiscipinary Faculty at the Forensic Psychiatry program at Queen's will be in charge of providing the seminars and directed readings for the Fellow. The following is a partial list of topics to be covered throughout the year. Other topics will be added as required. Forensic Psychiatry-Definition of the field and systems interface; Crime and its biological and social determinants; Criminal competence and fitness to stand trial; Criminal responsibility and psychiatric defenses; Sexual pathologies and social defense; Determinants of violence; Mental illness and violence and health/justice response; Risk assessment and risk management; Competence to undertake civil actions; Landmark cases, Correctional Psychiatry.

The Forensic Fellowship program at Queen's University is a registered program within the Forensic Fellowships Programs of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

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