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Fellowship Program Details

Emory University

Director(s) Peter Ash, MD*+
Address Psychiatry -- Suite 200
12 Executive Park Dr NE
Atlanta, GA
Zip Code 30329
Telephone (404) 727-3244
Fax (404) 727-3155
Email peter.ash@emory.edu
URL http://www.psychiatry.emory.edu/education/fellowships/forensic_psychiatry/index.html
Program Coordinator and Email
Level PGY-5
Positions 3
Accredited by ACGME Yes
Annual Stipend $77,000*
Offers forensic elective for medical students. Contact program director for details.
Offers forensic elective for residents. Contact program director for details.

Program description

The fellowship program includes a wide variety of clinical experiences. Fellows conduct inpatient and outpatient evaluations of criminal defendants, provide psychiatric treatment for jail inmates, and evaluate outpatient sex offenders. In addition, the program runs an innovative in-jail competency restoration unit in the local jail. For civil work, fellows conduct asylum, disability, and fitness for duty evaluations at the Emory outpatient services. Civil work also includes participation in personal injury and malpractice cases with faculty. For fellows who have completed child psychiatry training, participation in a wide range of forensic child activities is available.

There are ongoing didactic seminars at the various sites, and fellows can sit in on courses at the Emory Law School with the approval of the professor. The program has a strong academic orientation, and fellows participate in research projects and in the teaching of other professionals. In addition to the training of fellows, the program's mission includes the development of public policy, research, and continuing forensic education of mental health professionals in the state. The program has important affiliations with several departments of state government, and experiences in the development of public policy in forensic psychiatry are available.

Fringe benefits include travel support to the annual AAPL meeting and forensic review course.
The program accepts the common application developed by AAPL for forensic training programs (see top paragraphs at https://aapl.org/fellowship). In addition, applicants should submit documentation of citizenship/ visa status (copy of one of (a) main page of US passport, (b) US birth certificate, (c) green card, or (d) visa).

*minimum salary for a PGY-5 for academic year 2023-24.

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